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A Fun, New (sort of…) Space In St Louis – The Peabody Opera House!

On December 17th, 2011, a very unique, monumental and special event took place here in St. Louis, MO. For the first time in over 2 decades, a wedding was celebrated in the grand ballrooms of the Peabody Opera House (formerly the Kiel Opera House).

After being closed for 22 years the Peabody has recently reopened its doors, granting Jeff and Olga Hasser the unique pleasure of being the first couple to host a wedding reception in this classic venue since its closure in 1991. Furthermore, their celebration utilized not one but TWO of the magnificent four ballrooms in this space. The Hassers welcomed guests with cocktails and appetizers in a second floor ballroom. Guests were then ushered to the third floor ballroom for dinner and dancing. Jeff and Olga sat center-stage at the majestic head table, which was framed with a red velvet backdrop and a custom-designed monogram projection. The rest of the room was left glowing with warm golden and amber up-lighting, provided by Millennium Productions’ lighting-design division.

Beautiful floral arrangements donned each table, courtesy of Jenny at Stems florist. Since Jeff is a chemist and Olga is a biologist, Jenny found a neat way to personalize the centerpiece design by incorporating test tubes which were filled with Jelly Beans – Providing a unique gift for the guests to take home as wedding favors. Samantha at Mirage Photo did an incredible job of capturing the wedding memories through spectacular photos, featured below.

Upon arrival and throughout cocktails and appetizers, guests were treated to a unique blend of cocktail music that incorporated African songs as Olga and her family members are from Zambia. Jason M. Clyde from Millennium Productions’ DJ division was on hand to act as Host/MC for the evening.  He worked closely with Patti Berni of Patricia Musgrave & Associates, who did an incredible job as the wedding planner for this epic event. Even though this was the first wedding event at the new facility, Angie Carr, Manager of Special Events Booking at the Peabody and the staff (special thanks to Danielle Whitehead, and Denise Samuels) from Levy Restaurants were on their “A-game” – providing stellar food and service during the course of the night.

All in all, a spectacular night ensued – Creating a very special and memorable reopening celebration for the fabulous Peabody Opera House. If you’re currently planning a wedding in St Louis and are looking for a unique setting for your reception – Check out The Peabody!

Wedding DJ Pricing in St Louis

Bridal show season has arrived in St Louis, and with that arrival comes the familiar question: “What’s the price of your DJs?” For me personally, the typical follow up to my answer is usually some form of “I know of a DJ that charges half of that – Why are you so expensive?”

My first thought after this short exchange is “We’re actually not that expensive”, but the ‘eye of the beholder’ can be a killer. If you have the mindset that all DJ companies are the same – they offer the same type of service, so the price should be the deciding factor, then you’re fooling yourself.

Hint: They’re not.

Here’s a great analogy: When shopping for a car, you can just compare prices across all models and then buy the one with the cheapest price. After all, a car is a car, right?

Well, not exactly… Are you comparing prices for sedans from Toyota, or are you also considering models from Mercedes and Ford. Understandably, there will be some price differences. Would you walk into a Mercedes dealership to inform that you’re in the market for a car, and then expect them to lower their price to compete with Ford’s prices? Hopefully your answer is “no”…

Hopefully, you see my point. Plenty of people are happy to buy a luxury sedan like a Mercedes despite the higher price, because of the way the car performs. To them the car has a higher perceived value because of the higher quality of the vehicle. With value comes demand, and luxury car manufacturers can charge a higher price because they have a higher demand for their cars.

That brings us back to DJ services: My point is that those companies that offer a low price are doing so for a reason, and in my experience its usually one of these three reasons:

1. New company

Perhaps its a newer company and they have a competitive pricing in order to become more established in the market – Not as common as the next two reasons, but this situation does exist.

2. High-Volume

If its a company with 20+ DJs, they will have to charge a competitive price so that they can sell as many DJs as possible on a given date.

3. Poor Service

They have a poor reputation, and are forced to compete at a low price in order to stay afloat in sales.

In my own experience, reasons 2 and 3 are by far the most common. Sometimes, reason 3 can be a direct result of reason 2 – Those companies that offer 20-30 different Djs, probably are more concerned with the number of bookings they can achieve, instead of the quality of the Djs they offer. Its not likely that all 25 of their Djs are the “best Djs in St Louis.” The high-volume company will have good events and bad events. Make sure yours isn’t the latter.

There are a lot of low-budget DJ companies in St Louis that can DJ your wedding. You might get a decent DJ, or you might get a really bad one – It can be a toss up, and in my opinion, is not worth betting on when considering entertainment for something like a wedding reception.

So why do we charge more than “Joe Shmoe” who has also offered DJ your wedding for a lower price?

Because unlike him, we have a high demand for our services – We book up most Saturday’s throughout the year because our Djs do a great job. We have consistently great feedback displayed on our website, WeddingWire, The Knot, and Google. We also pay our Djs a lot to reward them for their work, as well as to keep them around with us for several years to come.

We have some of the best Djs in St Louis – But you have to pay for them. If you’d like to read more about what sets us apart from other DJ companies, you should read this blog post.


My intent is not to stress any brides out even further. Hopefully these points just serve as a guide in an effort to help the selection process from someone who knows the business first-hand.

Bottom Line: You guys are getting married for a reason. All of the details of your wedding day aren’t nearly as important as the reason why you’re getting married in the first place. You’re in love – You’re committed to one another for life – You’ll always be together – You’re best friends. Don’t let all of that get lost in the planning process – It will make the day much less stressful in my book.

Ben Kelley | Millennium Productions

DJs in St Louis – Why Choose You?

I received an email today from a prospective client, and the last part of her email read like this:

“…This is my first time booking a DJ and after being at lots of weddings/events with annoying DJs (no offense to your profession) it’s a little nerve-wracking to just hire a DJ based on a few emails.  Do you have any suggestions or assurances that can help me feel good about committing?”

Its pretty common to receive an email like this, or at least in some form asking about what to expect concerning the quality of our Djs, their personality, or even providing a little affirmation in the decision-making process. I’d like to address this with this blog post, and hopefully by doing so, I can help to alleviate any stress for future potential clients.

In my response to the email above, I laid out a few points about Millennium that differentiate us from competition:

1. “We’re not entertainers”

One of the main things that separates us from a lot of DJ operations is we’re not entertainers – Our DJs aren’t there to entertain your guests and this greatly influences the way they approach an event. Playing music is cool, and they’ll use the mic to make announcements and command attention from your guests for any particular events that you may have going on, but that’s it – No games, teaching people how to disco dance, announcing track titles after a song, etc.

2.“We wont hide our Djs from you”

You are welcome to go see our Djs out at a reception to see first-hand what we provide. I always advise skeptical clients to go see us, and then see our competition the same night. If a company doesn’t allow you to see their Djs out (and I’ve heard some very clever excuses), then they’re hiding something from you. It only involves a quick call to the bride/groom to make sure its ok, and most brides are very understanding about it.

You can check out the short promo video’s on the DJ bio pages if you haven’t already. We still have more to add right now, though this will at least give you some insight into the style and personality of our DJs.

For peace of mind, we do hold appointments here at the office if you’d like to meet or staff and get a better feel for our personality, package details, etc. If you’re interested in a specific DJ for your date, though want to meet him before booking – That can be arranged. I’d be happy to let you meet with that particular DJ to ensure you are completely comfortable with him prior to booking our services for your event.

3.“We consistently receive great feedback”

We have a ton of great feedback on our website from past clients, great reviews on WeddingWire, The Knot, and Google.

4.“We specialize in weddings”

There are a lot of DJ companies that provide Djs to just as many school events and birthday parties as they do for weddings. Sure, that guy that DJ’d your homecoming might have really had the dance floor packed, but how was he as an Emcee or Host?

Lots of planning goes into your wedding, and your DJ should be there planning the night out with you in the months leading up to your reception. He will act as the Emcee/Host to ensure everything is happening smoothly and on track, so he should be someone that is especially skilled at doing so.

5. “We offer a premium wedding package”

Our wedding package is designed exclusively for weddings and the planning that is required, so our online forms are in place to ease this process. You can login to our website to dictate how you want things orchestrated the night of your wedding – what music you want – a general time line of events, and more. Your DJ will then meet with you well in advance of your wedding to go over all of the information you’ve submitted. He will also use that information to coordinate with all of your vendors the night of your wedding to ensure everyone is on the same page, and to inform you and your guests of what is happening next at all times. Your DJ will act as a Host for the evening, to ensure everything is happening on track, so that you guys can relax and enjoy the evening (you can check out our wedding page for  more information on our wedding package).

We also include the highest quality equipment – If you don’t want microphone pops and cracks during toasts, or music cut-outs during your special dances, then its especially important that the DJ you hire for your wedding has premium sound equipment. I’ve seen other DJ companies cut costs by using old and out-dated equipment, and this can result in equipment malfunctions during your reception.

If you decide not to book Millennium, that’s OK too. As much as we’d like to be, we aren’t the perfect fit for everyone because people have different tastes. I’ve spoken to people who were looking for a DJ that would entertain them, for instance, and I was happy to point them in the right direction. When searching for a reputable DJ company, be sure to check the reviews of DJ companies online. There’s a wealth of information out there for you – Check out the Better Business Bureau. Ask your vendors. Do you homework, and you’ll have no problem making a good decision.

Ben Kelley | Millennium Productions

A Lovely Time At The Coronado!

We celebrated Elma and Garry’s wedding day (ceremony and reception) at the fabulous Coronado ballroom. Rob Schaeffer at Steven Becker Fine Dining orchestrated the entire affair, along with Yara Holt from Plume events. Ceremony music was provided by the Rosewood Ensemble’s string quartet and a custom-draped backdrop by Millennium Productions provided an elegant setting for the couple to exchange their vows.

At the reception, Millennium’s Decor team enhanced the already beautiful ballroom with warm amber up-lighting, as well as Elma and Garry’s custom logo/monogram which was projected onto the ceiling. In addition to Millennium’s decor service, the venue was enhanced further with exquisite floral decor by RW Designs, elegant linens on behalf of Sitting Pretty, and beautiful chair rentals provided by Aries.

Millennium Video Screenshot

Millennium Video Screenshot

Party at The Pageant!

September 17th, 2011 was an amazing day as we were a part of the wedding day for Paul & Adrienne Tripi.  Their ceremony and reception was one of the first ever to be held at The Pageant, with the couple saying “I do” on stage while their family and friends watched from the balcony! Millennium was able to play a huge role in this exclusive event as Brian Lewin was the host and DJ for the evening, Rick Dilly and his video team were on hand to record the big day and present an amazing suprise same day edit, and Carley Surkamp and her design team setup an amazing design with drape and uplights on the stage and uplights around The Pageant.

From start to finish the event was perfect in every which way: The ceremony was absolutely beautiful (with special thanks to Barb from Bloomin Buckets for their floral decor and beautiful archway at the ceremony), dinner was fantastic (thanks to Steven Becker Fine Dining), and the dance floor was rocking until the end of the night – at which point Paul and Adrienne came on stage to dance while their guests danced below on the dance floor.  This was a night we will remember forever. Congratulations to Paul & Adrienne Tripi and thank you for letting us take part in your special day!


Special thanks to Kate Hayes with “L” Photographie for supplying us with your beautiful work!

Check out Adrienne and Paul’s “Same Day Edit” video shot by Millennium’s video crew and presented at their reception!



Love & Lights at the Chase Park Plaza!

Millennium Productions created an elegant evening at the Chase Park Plaza’s Khorassan Ballroom as we celebrated Josh and Kate’s expression of love for one another. DJ Rick Dilly provided his hosting and entertainment expertise as Millennium’s Décor division accented the room with color-changing LED up-lights, table pin-spot lighting and a custom-designed monogram, which shone on the dance floor all night long as these two love-birds danced through the night – the first night of their new life together.

Special thanks to Nordmann Photography for capturing this lovely evening in all of its colorful glory!

Special Moments at The World’s Fair Pavilion

The big day for Brenley and Todd began at Trinity Lutheran Church, where a beautiful ceremony took place, and included Brenley’s little ‘boy’, Mr. Lewis (a hyperthyroid & alcoholic Pomeranian!) as the ring bearer. From there, the couple went with the wedding party to grab some pictures in the park, and cool off from the 99-degree heat before the reception  at the World’s Fair Pavilion.

The Pavilion was decorated by Millennium’s design division with coral-colored up-lighting, stars on the ceiling, and Tuscan garden bulb lighting in the cocktail area. After a scrumptious meal from Vikki and the staff from the Pasta House, the party moved to the dance floor with music supplied by DJ Jason M Clyde from Millennium Productions. Later in the evening, dessert was supplied by Ted Drewes, which served as a nice cool treat on this warm summer night.  After a while Brenley changed from her fantastic wedding dress into a lighter, cooler party dress, while the guys shed their jackets (and in some cases, shirts) to stay cool while they danced through the night.

Capturing all of the magic was Bobbi from Bobbi Brinkman Photography, along with her assistant from Park Avenue Photographers, Jeremy (thank you for the photos!). All of the action was captured on video thanks to Dan Martinez from Millennium’s video division.

Booking A Live Band For Your Wedding? Some Things To Keep In Mind …

As wedding professionals we here at Millennium Productions have picked up a few things over the years. We’ve decided to pass some of that knowledge on to you via our quick tips series.

Here’s some quick tips about booking live bands for your wedding:

Millennium Quick Tips:Choosing a Band from Millennium Productions on Vimeo.

Behind The Scenes: A Gorgeous St Louis Wedding Couple!

It was truly an honor to be a part of the wedding celebration for Anna and Brandon Moritz on Saturday, May 7th. Just being around this couple, it was clear how madly in love these two people are for one another, and filming them hardly seemed like “work”.

From start to finish, we had a film crew document their special occasion, which began as the gorgeous couple got ready the morning of their wedding at the elegant Hyatt Regency downtown. The ceremony was held at the Old Cathedral downtown and the natural lighting that poured in amongst the historic walls of the building, created some memorable and elegant footage for our video crew. After the ceremony, we followed the wedding party to The Arch grounds for a “behind the scenes” look as Kathie and her amazing team of photographers at Memories Are Forever worked their magic. Afterwards, our entourage headed back to the Hyatt for some celebratory cocktails as we presented a video slide show compilation which displayed images of Anna and Brandon starting from childhood to their life as adults.

The reception that evening was hosted by Millennium’s own master of ceremonies, Alex Oliver, who delivered a perfect combination of professional hosting expertise, and superior DJ mixing abilities. After all of the evening’s festivities, Alex coordinated a huge “flash mob” which opened the dance floor up to the guests, and it remained packed until the end of the night! The reception ended on a high note as we surprised the newly-married couple and their guests with a presentation of a “Same Day Edit” video – Incorporating footage from earlier in the day to remind everyone of the purpose of the celebration, tying all of the events from the day together.

A huge thank you to Kathie and her expert crew of photographers at Memories Are Forever, who has allowed us to display her amazing work. It’s always a pleasant and fun experience to work alongside a great team of professionals – Thanks again!

Indian / American Wedding Celebration!!

We were very excited for Rina and Carl’s wedding this past weekend. We were with them for a 2-day celebration as they had the American wedding on Saturday and the Indian celebration on Sunday. We prayed for clear skies in the days before the wedding as the forecast was rain all weekend, and to everyone’s surprise, it was sunny and beautiful all day on Saturday and most of the day on Sunday! In fact, it didn’t start raining until the end of the Indian ceremony on Sunday, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Millennium was heavily involved in the excellent planning and execution of both events this weekend. Our design team helped create a beautiful setting for the reception on Saturday night, and then later transformed the space into something amazing, fit for a traditional Indian ceremony on Sunday. DJ Tom hosted the American reception on Saturday night and our Film crew was there all weekend long to capture the memories as they happened.

This wedding weekend was full of surprises and special moments, including a video message to Carl & Rina from Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys (Rina’s favorite of all time!), a special surprise Indian dance performed by Rina’s friends and family, and so much more…we even went as far as surprising Rina and Carl with a “Same Day Edit” video (below) that we presented after dinner on Saturday night.

Thank you Carl and Rina, we loved being a part of your AWESOME wedding celebration!

Rick Dilly, Video Dept. Manager | Millennium Productions

Goodbye Winter!! Spring is here – Let’s get it started!!

As the weather warms up, so do the happenings here in St. Louis. And one of the most anticipated openings is St Louis Cardinals OPENING DAY at Busch Stadium. Millennium was excited to be a part, as DJ Jason M Clyde celebrated on KMOV’s morning show – Great Day St Louis – along side Carol, Matt, Virginia, and Kent outside Gio’s downtown. Even Fredbird showed up – on Opening Day, no less – to get the crowd pumped and ready for game-time!

Another big opening was happening the very next evening, down on the famous Delmar Loop. The 5-star Moonrise Hotel opened up it’s popular open-air rooftop bar, and again Millennium was there to provide the late-night guests with some pumping tunes and sexy lights! And the next night at the Moonrise, the 2nd Annual Green Ball benefiting MOBOT’s Earthways Center took place, with live tunes, a fashion contest, and décor lighting and draping supplied by Millennium.

Millennium will also be a part of one other popular St Louis party tradition – Parties in the Park!! The NEW parties will actually take place in the heart of Clayton, as they’ll be shutting down an entire street (or two!) to party, and Millennium will be there, partnered with Portabella Restaurant, to keep Clayton rocking into the evening! See dates below:

April 13th
(“Pre” Parties in the Park Pub Crawl! See flyer at left)
May 11th
June 8th
July 13th
Aug 10th
Sept 14th

Parties in the Park moves to downtown Clayton on Meramec Avenue between Forsyth and Maryland. This street party is the perfect outdoor setting for an evening of music, friends and relaxation under the stars.

So get out St Louis!! And keep an eye out for us at Millennium – we’ll be getting it started – and keeping it awesome!!

Elegance In Purple


On March 19, 2011 Meredith Dreyer and Anthony Gillette said “I do” at St. Francis Xavier College Church. After the ceremony, the couple along with friends and family moved the celebration down the street to the fabulous Coronado Ballroom.

The ballroom was transformed into a vision in purple. Millennium Productions provided lilac up lighting to highlight the architectural features of the Coronado. Guest tables were pin spotted to show case the luxurious 4′ tall arrangements provided by Artistry Florist. Sitting Pretty Party Arts dressed up the tables with layered, hand gathered deep purple and victorian lilac linens, which created depth amongst the guest tables.

Millennium Productions also provided entertainment for the special evening: a solo piano player set the mood for cocktail hour, while DJ Jason Clyde was able to keep the guests on their feet after dinner. Congratulations to Meredith and Anthony!

Jason and Melissa Trent – Wish Upon A Wedding’s Happy Couple


Watch a highlight video from their wedding HERE.

While I feel that every wedding I get to be a part of is a special thing, this past Monday, the 7th of March, was an especially moving, touching, fantastic celebration. Working with the Wish Upon A Wedding chapter here in St Louis, I, and my fellow Millennium teammates, got to help grant Jason and Melissa Trent’s big wish – A fairy-tale wedding day for them, and their friends and family!

The entire celebration took place at the luxurious Chase Park Plaza. Beginning with the ceremony, and the awesome voice if Jeff ‘One Voice’ Pruett, I assisted in providing the unique special music as everyone walked down the aisle. As the beautiful ceremony concluded, guests were received into the lobby as some fun Vegas-era Rat Pack music played in the background – to prepare guests for the Vegas-like vibe planned for the reception.

The Empire Room was were the magic would happen, as the room was transformed by Richard West of RW Design, and Millennium, to create an ultra-cool lounge atmosphere. After the awesome food, and some emotional words from Jason and Melissa, the party was on! The only break in the partying were when the surprise cupcake truck rolled up outside to deliver treats. Otherwise the small but energetic revelers celebrated to the very end – even dancing so much that the shiny white dance floor was moved half-way across the room!

All in all, I was honored to be a part of this great wish-granting day, and a special thanks goes out to Lacy, Rob, Lisa, and the whole St. Louis chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding. And thanks to Lisa from Eventz Planning for putting it all together. Kudos to Joanna Kleine for all the awesome photos. And, of course, thanks goes to Kelly, and the entire Chase Park Plaza staff.

– Jason Clyde, DJ/DJ Manager

Wish granters for the unforgettable ceremony included:

BEST Transportation (transportation)

Blushing Bride (wedding gown)

Build a Basket (attendants’ and hotel gifts)

Carolyn Burke Wedding Liaison (officiant)

Delicately Bold (bride’s makeup)

Eventz Planning (wedding coordinator)

Gothic Jewelry (groom’s wedding band)

Joanna Kleine Photography (wedding & engagement photography)

Lil Inspirations (custom embroidered hankies- WUW signature Gift)

Millennium Productions (DJ, lighting décor and videography)

One Voice STL (ceremony music)

Premier Rentals (linens)

ProColour Cosmetics (bride’s hair)

RW Designs (floral design)

Slice of Lime Design (stationery)

Sunset Strings (ceremony music)

The Aries Company (rentals)

The Chase Park Plaza (venue)

The Sweet Divine (cake and desserts)

Owner, Kris Yust Answers Your Wedding Ceremony Questions …

1-What is the most important thing to consider when selecting my ceremony music? What questions should I ask potential vendors before making a decision?

Photo by Clary Pfeiffer

The most important thing when selecting your ceremony music vendor is finding out if they do this on a regular basis.  This ensures they will know the process of how everything works, and they will be able to help you pick and choose the correct music.  They will also be a valuable resource if you have questions about the format of your ceremony.  Questions that should be asked of your ceremony music vendors are how often do they play at ceremonies, do they have references, what songs do they play, and will they learn new songs.  You may also see if you can watch them perform at a ceremony to see if you like their sound.

2-There are so many options to choose from (acoustic guitar, stringed music, keyboardists, and DJs) – How do I know what type of music I should use?

The first thing you should determine is what style of ceremony are you going for.  This will help you determine your music.  Is this going to be a traditional ceremony?  If so, they you should stick to the classics like Canon in D, Trumpet Voluntary, and the Wedding March (Here Comes the Bride).  A nice ensemble of strings and/or horns should know all of these standards if they do this regularly.  If you are in a church and on a budget, also check to see if they provide an organist for this type of music.  DJs can also cover this type of music, but it may not come off as classy as live musicians.

More contemporary brides may want to personalize their ceremony a little more and choose newer songs that better reflect their personality.  A fun example of this is the latest ceremony YouTube sensation “JK Wedding Entrance Dance” where the wedding party danced their way down the aisle to Chris Brown’s “Forever”.  Obviously most ceremonies will not go that extreme, but contemporary songs are becoming more and more popular for ceremony selections.  If this is the case, then a DJ would be a nice fit to cover the songs that may not involve strings, horns, or piano.

3-I’m on a strict budget – Any advice?

Everyone understands budgets.  If you are truly on a budget and cannot afford a large ensemble, do not try to get a large ensemble who is really cheap if you question the quality of their sound.  They are probably cheap because they do not have the knowledge or experience to perform well at your ceremony.  You are better off scaling things back to a smaller piece group with quality.  Even if it is a single classic guitarist, if he or she does a good quality job, it’s better than a larger ensemble who does a poor one.  Remember that your guests will be turned off by something that does not sound good, but will never question the number of musicians that are there.

4-How far in advance should my ceremony vendors be booked?

The sooner the better.  Musicians can often only play one event on a Saturday, depending on the time slots, so it is one of the first vendors you should book.  Typical bookings happen nine months to a year in advance, but it is not uncommon to book a year and a half or even two years in advance.

5-Any other advice you can offer when it comes to choosing my vendors?

Do not feel like you have to follow a pattern of tradition.  Most of your guests have been to many wedding ceremonies, and most of them blend together because they had the same format with the same music.  If you mix it up a bit and be original, your ceremony will be one to remember, and your guests will talk about it for a long time to come.

A New Year – A New Life Together

Most often, New Years Eve is a time spent with family and friends, or as an intimate night at home with a loved one watching a brightly-lit ball drop in New York City. However, newlyweds Bridget and Don decided it would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate their wedding – We can’t agree more!

The couple celebrated with a reception on the seventh floor at one of our favorite venues; the lovely Windows on Washington. Millennium Production’s design team helped transform the venue into a winter wonderland by saturating the space with soft blue up lighting, which was also used to highlight the two beautiful ice sculptures provided by Ice Visions. An ice luge in the shape of two champagne glasses kept the guests happy, and the newly married couple enjoyed their champagne out of a custom-carved ice bucket at their head table. The couple also chose to highlight place settings at each guest table with Millennium’s pin-spot lighting to create an intimate ambiance.

Millennium’s design team also installed a draped canopy with up lighting to highlight the dance floor, which was packed all night thanks to the DJ skills of Millennium’s Pat Sullivan.  Bridget and Don shared their first dance to the classic song “Unforgettable” and also arranged DJ Pat to play their parents’ first dance songs, which was met with warm smiles and nostalgic hearts. Guests then danced the night away to a wide variety of music underneath the canopied dance floor, which was enhanced further by Millennium’s custom surround sound speaker arrangements.

With traditional New Years party favors in tow, Bridget and Don, along with their closest friends and family were able to celebrate their marriage as well as ring in the new year!

New life….new year.

A Hollywood Wedding Reception?

A party for the elite stars of Hollywood’s past and present? Of course!

Lady Gaga as the evenings honored guest? YOU bet!

Of course, I’m referring to the fantastic themed wedding ‘reception’ for Kara and Dan Mckennariey, held at the spectacular rooftop terrace and ballroom at the Hyatt Regency Downtown. The theme was complete from start to finish, with each guest getting a photo-op with ‘stars’ Lady Gaga [Kara], and Steve Irwin (or perhaps the ghost of Steve Irwin [Dan]) as they walked down the red carpet.

Guests were encouraged to dress up to fit the theme, so many ‘stars’ were present. Some favorites consisted of John Travolta and Olivia Newton John (recreating their roles from Grease), Katy Perry, Elmer Fudd, Jake Gyllenhall, and many, many more! I was in attendance of course, dressed in the standard Millennium black suit. Throwing on my black shades, my assistant Andy and I became Agent J and Agent K from the movie Men In Black. Even Fredbird (the real Fredbird, not someone dressed up as Fredbird… no… wait…) made a surprise appearance to wish the happy couple farewell from St. Louis. Dan is from Brisbane, Australia and that is where Kara and Dan “tied the knot”.  After their South Africa honeymoon and this St. Louis Hollywood Bash, the couple will return to Brisbane for the start of their new life together.

In combination with our design/decor team, the venue received a new “look” for the evening. The entryway became a red-carpet themed “walk of fame”, complete with red up-lighting, and guests names appearing on Hollywood Star’s. The two separate ballrooms each had a color theme as well: The “Red Room” was for snacking and relaxing and contained 1500 red and black helium balloons, streamers, and bright-red up-lighting. The “Blue Room” by far was the place to be! Blue up-lighting surrounded the walls, and 1500 blue and white balloons surrounded the white dance floor.

And what’s an “Aussie party” without a kangaroo? A kangaroo themed ice shot luge from Ice Visions poured electric blue martinis all night long. Dual flat-screens displayed a slide show of the wedding ceremony in Brisbane, Australia and I threw in an occasional music video between slides to keep the vibe on the dance floor strong.

… Surprise, surprise – Michael Jackson was even on hand to rock some of his signature dance moves!

Special thanks to the photographer, Wesley Law for capturing all of fun and letting me borrow a lens for my own personal camera. A big thanks also goes out to Navonna Morrison and Amanda Bradham-Little from The Hyatt for pulling the event together so smoothly.

Recipe For An Awesome Wedding…

Recipe for an awesome wedding, as created by the new Mr. and Mrs. Akers, Diana and Nick:

First start with great venues. For the ceremony, utilize the lovely World’s Fair Pavilion in Forest Park, with beautiful floral arrangements provided by Richard West at RW Designs. For added value, sprinkle in a surprise acappella group performing a few of Nick’s favorite songs during the ceremony. For the reception, it’s the Forest Park Golf Course, with its expansive glass walls giving great views of Forest Park in the fall as the sun is setting – dressed up even further with custom patterned uplighting and a ceiling canopy from Exclusive Events.

Food is essential. In this case, delicacies were provided by Three Leaves Catering – the in-house catering company at Forest Park Golf Course.

And what is a wedding celebration without dancing? From getting the event started with cocktail music, to packing the dance floor all night with great fun dance music, Pleasure Groove and the evening’s host and DJ, Jason M Clyde, kept the whole event flowing with the perfect Band/DJ Combo – courtesy of Millennium Live and Millennium Music.

To coordinate such a magnificent event, you need a top notch wedding planner, and that’s where Sarah Grus of Sarah Grus Weddings stepped in to bring it all together.

Last but certainly not least, to capture the sights and sounds of the special day, Gina Kelly from Lace Images and Patrick Fisher from Milestone Pro Films were on hand to beautifully photograph and document all of the special moments of the big day.

Put all of this together on Saturday, October 30th, 2010, and you get a fantastic day, smiles all around, and a very happy Mr. and Mrs. Nick and Diana Akers!! Congratulations!

Thanks again to Lace Images for providing such gorgeous photos!

October Reception at The Palladium!

October 10th, 2010 was a monumental day for Sarah and Ace as they exchanged their vows before family and friends at the wonderful Palladium in St. Louis, MO. Ace’s family members back home in Israel were also able to witness this wonderful celebration via a live webcast; courtesy of Millennium Video. There were many uniquely extravagant things present at this joyous occasion, but one of the main attractions (other than the beautiful bride in her wedding gown) was the custom Chuppah, designed and built by our creative staff members from Millennium Design.

Our DJ Tom with Millennium Music hosted the entire event and did a stellar job coordinating all of the activities for the evening, as well as keeping a packed dance floor later in the night. Gina Kelly w/ Lace Images captured memories as they unfolded by providing her always impeccable photography services. We would also like to send a special “thank you” to Joe Wand and his staff at the Palladium, who really acted as the backbone behind the scenes, ensuring professional execution of a fabulous event.

Congratulations again to Sarah and Ace – You are truly an amazing couple!

Wedding Music, Decor, and Video – All-in-one!

On October 9th Nicole Lyon and Dane Buchmiller exchanged their vows in the presence of family and friends at the always popular City Museum in downtown St Louis. A reception for the newly married couple followed the ceremony at the gorgeous Grand Ballroom of the Crown Plaza Hotel in Clayton, MO. Mark from Mark Cillo Photography preserved stylized images of their special day (see the beautiful pictures below), as our crew from Millennium Video captured video footage of the happy couple. Our team from Millennium Design accented the Grand Ballroom’s elegant features with soft magenta up-lighting along the walls, and erected a custom-draped backdrop behind the head table; A beautiful setting for the wedding party to wine and dine. Later in the evening, DJ AJ from Millennium Music mixed in custom song requests by the bride and groom and created an energetic dance floor that lasted well on into the evening.

Thanks again to Mark Cillo Photography for providing such amazing shots!

iPod Versus Wedding DJ?

We found this interesting article and video from the ADJA (American Disc Jockey Association) for our DYI Brides. If you’re thinking that an iPod might be able to replace the cost of hiring a professional DJ/MC for your wedding, you should give it some consideration. DJs (especially ours) focus on a whole lot more than just playing music for the dance floor.

From the ADJA website:

“As is often the case in society, some things or ideas become trendy with little thought to practical implementation. A few years ago, it was the idea of a “sponsored wedding” that somehow everyone would want to donate their services to you in the hopes of getting business from others. Sounds like a good idea, but never really took off because all the vendors realized that a sponsored wedding only generated more requests for sponsored weddings, not more business for them. So people that overspent on some items counting on the reception being paid for by others soon were in trouble as their budget was gone and they were still missing major parts of their event program.

Today, the trendy topic is DIY receptions by using an ipod and a rented sound system instead of a professional wedding entertainer, the DJ. This idea is fraught with peril, because a great event is more than simply gear and music. It is the talent that a qualified professional brings to the event that matters most. It is what allows for a smooth flow to the event, with no embarrassing surprises. A Professional DJ from the ADJA provides you with confidence that your event will flow smoothly and will be an event that you, your family and guests will never forget, instead of one they would like to.

In order to show you, the consumer the effects of using an ipod, we decided to let video tell the story. What you are about to see is real. It is video from an actual wedding where they chose to use an ipod. The video is untouched other than to insert some dialogue slides from time to time. We hope that by it you will clearly see what happens when you gamble your event success on an ipod. There are both Quicktime & Windows formats.”

Go to the ADJA website to watch their video.

Beautiful Late Summer / Early Fall Wedding!

It was a beautiful late-summer day at Sunset Hills Country Club when Megan Hornback and Christian Longhi proclaimed their love for one another before family and friends. A clear blue sky perfected the scene while warm classical notes from Serenade Strings added a touch of elegance to the gorgeous setting. After Megan and Christian exchanged their vows the celebration moved inside to the ballroom, which had been transformed into Megan’s vision of a “Hamptons Wedding”.

Spectacular floral centerpieces from August Garden accented each table, and Millennium Design enhanced the bride’s vision by using yellow/amber up-lighting, a custom monogram of Meghan and Christian’s initials on the dance floor, and a breathtaking curved white silk backdrop behind the head table. After dinner and cupcakes by Jilly’s, the event moved onto the dance floor, prompted by music provided by Jason and Jeff from Millennium Music. The night ended with a fairy tale send-off as the guests gathered outside and created a magical sparkler exit as the newlyweds leapt into their getaway limousine, provided by Jed Limo.

Capturing this memorable day was “photographer extraordinaire” Clary Pfeiffer and her husband Travis – check out the pictures! Special thanks to wedding planner Ellen Gutierrez from Bride’s Vision who orchestrated a smooth-flowing wedding celebration for Meghan and Christian..

Congratulations again to Mr. and Mrs. Christian and Meghan Longhi!

Band & DJ Combo – The Best of Both Worlds

Torn between the benefits of having live music at your event with the unlimited song selection of a DJ?

Our Band / DJ combo package is the perfect solution…

Millennium Productions was the first company to introduce the concept of the Band/DJ combo in St. Louis and it has quickly become one of the most memorable and sough- after packages available.  Its easy to see why its popularity has skyrocketed. With the combo option you get the best of both entertainment options, and the package is completely customizable. You can fully book the band through Millennium, and we will work out all of the coordination necessary to ensure your event is organized and flows smoothly.

Reasons why you might consider our Band & DJ combo:

The best of both worlds
The most obvious advantage is simple: You get the energy and excitement of a live band, with the organization and unlimited song selection offered with our DJ package.

Uninterrupted Flow of Music
No need to have your guests leave the dance floor during a band break – Your DJ will mix into the bands last song before their break to create a seamless transition, and nonstop flow of music on the dance floor.

Professional MC and Coordinator
Acting as a “host” for the evening, your DJ will take care of all the event coordination and MC work at your event allowing the band to focus on their music, and allowing you to enjoy your evening without worry.

Better Organization for You
You will be able to use our online event coordination tools to pre-plan and organize everything for your event through us, in advance. The result? You can relax and enjoy your evening with the peace of mind that everything has been planned out and coordinated ahead of time.

Premium Lighting Setup
Included with the DJ package, you’ll receive our exclusive LED light setup to enhance the visual sensation for the band and the dance floor. Not only does this create a lively atmosphere for you and your guests, but also enhances the band’s visual performance. A win-win situation? It most definitely is.

Premium Sound Setup
If desired, your DJ can run sound for the band with the best pro audio gear on the market, enabling them to sound their best at your event. And of course, your band will be grateful for this service.

Want the entertainment at your wedding reception to be the best it possibly can be? Check out our list of bands available through Millennium Live and contact us right away to find out how our Band/DJ combo will leave your guests showering you with compliments!

Special thanks to Tom Paule Photography for the dance photo and Jodi Schlosser for the photo of Downtime Band!

Looking Back – August 7th: Dyonzak / Hewczuk Reception

It was a gorgeous (and warm) August day at Chandler Hills Winery in Defiance, MO. The venue featured an indoor dining room which looked great with Millennium’s unique lighting setup, giving the room plenty of personality. After dinner was over, the guests moved outside where it had cooled down a bit. I played a great set of hip hop and new hits which everyone enjoyed. People danced and partied on into the night until the reception ended.

Overall, the reception was perfect at this very intimate and beautiful venue.

Steve Mueller – DJ/MC

Special Thanks to Von DeVore Photography for these gorgeous pictures!

Renner-Nagel Reception at the Missouri Athletic Club

July 24th saw the wedding celebration of Jaci Renner and Matt Nagel at the beautiful Missouri Athletic Club in downtown St. Louis. It was a fun-filled evening of excellent food, super-nice family and friends, and plenty of partying on the dance floor!

Honoring Jaci’s Kentucky roots, plenty of country music was sprinkled in with both dinner and party songs – the bride and her bridesmaids even donned cowboy boots later in the evening for some traditional country line dances! Matt’s fondness for soccer earned him a really unique soccer-ball groom’s cake, to go along with their simple, yet elegant, 5-tiered wedding cake with daisy accents.

The Missouri Ballroom at the M.A.C. is a fantastic room for wedding events, with 20+ ft molded ceilings, and a large black polished dance floor. And while the room is fabulous as is, Jaci and Matt decided to accent certain parts of their ballroom with some décor items from Millennium Design.

To bring the focus to their head table, they opted to have a beautiful white silk fabric backdrop, with cool violet up-lighting. Further highlighting the head table, as well as every other table in the room, were pin-spot lights illuminating their lovely floral centerpieces, and creating a nice dynamic of light and dark. Accenting the crystal wall sconces with amber up-lighting warmed up the entire room, while providing a nice contrast to the cool colored lighting reflected off of the crystal chandeliers.

In the end, a fantastic time was had by all, and Jaci and Matt Nagel realized that the perfect night that they had dreamed of had finally come true!

Congratulations again, Jaci and Matt!

Jason M. Clyde